Palo Blanco´s greatest asset is its people. Every day they give us their best efforts that make possible for us to offer the quality the global market demands from coffee, bananas and avocado plantations.

The people who are part of Palo Blanco´s team are committed to what they do. Each task in the agricultural and production process is performed with excellence because our collaborators believe in doing things right.

In Palo Blanco we are convinced that education is vital for the personal growth of our collaborators and their families. This is one of the reasons within our grounds there is an elementary school with proper facilities for the process of teaching and learning, a computer lab and qualified local teachers that allows for a better student-teacher relationship.

In Palo Blanco we have the highest regard and respect for all our collaborators, we are known as a company that complies with labor, environment and social standards that go beyond obligations established by national and international laws. This has driven us to work under a business model of cooperation, where each collaborator learns how to become an entrepreneur.

In CoopePrima, each collaborator has accessible credit lines and saving plans, a grocery store with reasonable prices for basic food basket products, a bakery and a pizza place. All this is located within the banana plantation. They also have a gas station.

Through CoopePrima, collaborators have access to basic health services in the health centers for their primary health care. Also, all Palo Blanco’s collaborators have access to social insurance, as established in our Guatemala´s labor laws.