Guatemalan coffees are recognized worldwide by their quality and excellence

We offer a wide range of quality coffees, which thanks to varying plantation altitudes, yield from Extra primes to Strictly Hard Beans. Our coffees come only from Arabica varieties, grown sustainably in traditional shade tree plantations to protect and preserve the rich volcanic soils our country has been blessed with, so that future generations may continue to cultivate and grow coffee of the highest quality to meet the highest standards that global markets demand today and tomorrow.

Palo Blanco’s coffee:
• Grown in the department of Quetzaltenango
• Arabica coffee beans
• Extra Prime Washed, Hard Bean and Strictly Hard Bean
• Coffee varieties: Bourbon and Catuai

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Guatemala is the leading country in the world in banana exports. The main export markets are: The United States of America, Europe and Asia.

An ideal combination of sun, air, water, soil, and a lot of dedication from a special group of people who conform Palo Blanco come together to produce the highest quality bananas. The plantations are located in Tiquisate, La Gomera and La Nueva Concepción in the department of Escuintla, in the pacific coast of Guatemala which enjoys unrivaled growing conditions and a privileged geographical location that allows for efficient logistics with easy and fast access to its destination markets via both Pacific and Atlantic ports. Our bananas come from plantations that are Certified by Rainforest Alliance, ISO 14001 and Global GAP, only after strict and careful and strict monitoring of the production and packing process ensuring compliance of all activities, from sowing to harvesting to packing. In the packing plant, bananas are washed and undergo a careful selection process. This meticulous work is performed mostly by women, and ensures only the best bananas are packed and sent to satisfy our discerning customers all over the world.

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Each avocado is carefully cut by hand and electronically selected at the packing house to maintain and ensure only the highest quality is exported to demanding world markets.

After 11 months of receiving the right amount of sun, water, and lots of care, the avocado fruit reaches it best richness and quality suitable for export to world markets.

Avocados grown in plantations located in the municipalities of Amatitlán, Chimaltenango and Tecpán arrive at the Packing plant to be shipped as fresh fruit or be processed and vacuum-packed with no preservatives with the latest technology: High Pressure Processing (HPP) which allows foods to be preserved fresh in their natural conditions, and ensuring maximum Food Safety.

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